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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Where Do My Recyclables Go?

In any city, disposal of trash and recycling are major issues for city planners. In Hartford, everyone knows about Mount Trashmore, the mountain of garbage visible from I-91. Back in the good old days, Mount Trashmore was uncovered and piles of garbage and seagulls could be viewed as one drove in or out of town. Today we live in a different era and recycling is paramount. For those of us who take the time to recycle, we simply toss all our recyclables into a blue bin or trash can and off it goes. One can easily make the assumption that the recycles end up at the Trash Museum located on Murphy Road. Those familiar with the Trash Museum knows that it seems to operate non-stop as one can hear machines whirring and bottles and cans getting shuffled about all through the day. But what exactly is going on in the Trash Museum? And how is it that glass, metal, and plastic all thrown into one blue bin end up getting recycled? Luckily for us Megan McManus at Nutmeg News is willing to explain and give us a glimpse inside this impressive plant.

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