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Friday, September 3, 2010

Jerk Of The Day

While driving down Prospect Avenue at approximately 4:40 PM EST, we noticed traffic to be moving even slower than usually. First we chalked it up to rush hour. Then we got behind a car at the light of Prospect and Boulevard. When the light turned green, the car didn't move. Flummoxed we honked the horn. Nothing.

It was only as we slowly nosed into traffic to get into the left lane that we realized it; this yuppie jerk had actually parked their ugly-assed, overpriced and ugly Nissan Quest right on Prospect Ave during rush hour. That's right. It was so important that this person get to where they needed to be immediately that they felt it was appropriate to back up traffic on a busy street at rush hour on Friday of a holiday weekend. That folks is a grade-A asshole. Here's to a great Labor Day Weekend and hoping someone clipped that mirror.


  1. Not by Wings over Hartford. How will we ever survive!

    Who makes minivans anymore...

  2. OMG where are the parking patrols when you need them

  3. Who would even want to park on prospect, especially in that area! High chances that mirror got clipped by an idiot driving a UHAUL.
    Surprising WHPD didn't tag em!