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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

More Evidence That Mayor Segarra is a Sad City Fan?

We like Mayor Pedro Segarra. So far he has been a visible figure and made strides in improving Hartford. More and more we are becoming convinced that the Mayor likes Sad City. Never mind that he started the Parks Week initiave. Sad City was hardly alone in recognizing that Hartford parks were a little messy.

Next up though was the Old North Cemetery. When Sad City visited the cemetery we found it neglected and abandoned. The Mayor quickly took care of that. Now we have even more compelling evidence. Monday night Mayor Segarra spoke at a HYPE (Hartford Young Entrepreneurs and Professionals) event and floated the idea of turning the old dump known as Mt. Trashmore into an outdoor winter park. It was described to us as "not exactly fleshed out" but that it seemed like Pedro thought it was "a cool idea."

Interestingly, Sad City had suggested that very idea here in July in Jumper's Seven Highway Wonders piece. Seems like quite the coincidence to us. If the Mayor is a fan we are happy to have him. Maybe he can even drop-in a Sad City reference somewhere.


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  2. just recently drove by bushnell park to see people filling the park at night and skating. congratulations mayor pedro segarra for doing something both 'cool' and 'alive' in the city. finally a leader with some good ideas. i think there is a good man at the steering wheel.