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Friday, September 17, 2010

Help Helen Ubinas

This is Helen Ubinas. She's one of the best reporters/columnists in alll of Hartford. She's our friend. We like her a lot.

But Helen has a problem. She has AWFUL batteries. A very social media friendly journalist, Helen tweets and blogs up a storm, but her work is being severely impacted by her employer's inability to provide her with either better batteries or back up batteries. Her phone is always dying. Her laptop is always dying. She needs help!

You want proof? Here's a random sampling of Helen's tweets over the past few days as she has covered the Hayes trial.

And those were only half of the tweets we found when we searched for terms like "battery", "power" or "dying."

We know that the newspaper industry is in the crapper thanks to the wonderful internet, but can't they help one of their better reporters out? Send your complaints here.


  1. Hey guys. Helen here. Good news. The iPad fairy stopped by my cubicle yesterday afternoon. (I tweeted the big news yesterday -- had to give the gal her props.) Rumor is that the iPad has a pretty good battery life. I guess we'll see. But thanks for having my back. I'll pay it forward by finally letting other reporters use the outlet outside the courtroom that I guard like a rabid dog.

  2. Good luck, Helen. Soon will come a day when we can charge through WiFi.

  3. Helen,

    The iPad is totally the way to go. Is there any court room security footage of you guarding the outlet. I'm sure a rabid dog would drive web traffic for us.

    - Jumper

  4. Helen,

    You are the worst journalist I have ever read. You make tired, reactionary comments that show little insight and little objectivity. I hope you go broke.

  5. Agreed. Helen is the absolute worst. Lets hope the iPad has equally bad batteries so that we're all spared her useless blather.

  6. Helen's liberal, crybaby columns are biased and annoying to read. Rarely does she look at both sides of the issue. The entire Courant is a joke.

    The highpoint of this blog entry: The faster her batteries die, the less of her drivel we have to read.