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Monday, September 20, 2010

Hartford Pay Phone Contest: Pay Phone #22

Hartford Pay Phone #22 is located on Franklin Avenue in the heart of Hartford's South End. Franklin Ave is known for being home to great restaurants and bakeries, but as we can see in the photo, #22 resides outside the Santos Driving School. We are surprised to see Santos Driving School is in business, because it seems to us that no one in the South End has any sort of formal driving training.

The streets of the South End are just big enough and the area is just dense enough to be home to some of the most outrageous driving one can encounter.

One of the most memorable scenes we have seen is that when approaching a light to take a left onto Maple Ave, the light turned red and we had to stop. Amazingly, the car behind us swerved into the opposite traffic lane, went around us and then made a LEFT HAND turn onto Maple with reckless abandon. Truly remarkable. Be sure to always wear your seatbelt when driving in Hartford's South End.


  1. That intersection (Maple, Jefferson, Retreat, Main and Wyllys Streets) is possibly the worst I have ever seen in my life, ever...

  2. My vote for worst intersections: (1) the rotary at Bushnell Park, (2) Broad/Garden/Asylum/Farmington Avenue f***fest.

  3. Personal vote is the mess that is Sisson/Farmington/Sherman. I actually was gearing up for a piece on it.

  4. "Broad/Garden/Asylum/Farmington Avenue f***fest."

    This one is definitely up there....