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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Connecticut Whale Week Contest

With the Hartford Wolfpack officially morphing into the Connecticut Whale on Saturday, Jodi Rell has declared this week "Connecticut Whale Week." One can only wonder from the picture in Paul Doyle's Hartford Courant article whether CT Whale mascot Pucky Ackbar walked into the Governors office in full costume or if there was a changing room in the office for the photo?

The article also reports that the iconic Brass Bonanaza will return to the arena for Saturday's big game. While some of the hardcore Whaler fans might not be in favor of this, we here at Sad City support the move. We always found something a little gut wrenching about attending games at Fenway Park, hearing the Brass Bonanza play after a big hit and knowing that 99% of the cheering lunatics have no idea where the song came from. Let Boston keep the insufferable "Sweet Caroline," Hartford needs to put it's collective foot down and reclaim the Brass Bonanza as it's own.

In honor of Connecticut Whale Week, Sad City wants to hear your best Hartford Whaler stories. Submit them here and we will run our favorites over the next week or so.  Meanwhile bring in the holiday season by checking out the game on Saturday as it is sure to be a festive atmosphere.

Ticket stub from Hakaan's last Whalers game.


  1. Sadly, I have no Whalers stories as my parents moved to CT from Western NY the year after the Whale departed in 1997. However, I do own a Blue Away Whalers Jersey and have set my phone ring tone to "Brass Bonanza" in honor of the CT Whale return!

  2. Hey I was at that game the Bruins walked out of the Veterans Memorial Coliseum with a 6-3 loss hanging around their neck.