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Monday, November 15, 2010

A Look At Sad City's Desktop

 Sometimes we have photos that don't quite merit a story on their own yet still are worth saving and sharing. With our desktop becoming cluttered and getting tired of answering why we have so many random pictures of Hartford, we think it's time to clear it out and take a look at the Sad City desktop. Let's see what sort of gems we can find.

Everyone knows the job market is particularly brutal these days. Hartford is no exception as many Hartford residents are unable to find employment in the current economic climate. Whether graduating from one of the cities esteemed High Schools or from one of Hartford's institutes of higher learning, many people probably feel this picture taken at Bulkely High is an accurate depiction of their schools Career Center.

This is not the ideal place to repair your car in the middle of the afternoon. Notice how the car isn't just taking up one lane on Main Street by the South Green, the car is actually angled so as to take up both lanes. Brilliant.

We really like this photograph. It almost appears as the photographer has some idea of what they are doing taking this photo. The great thing about this blog is it allows us to pretend. In addition to pretending to be photographers we are able to pretend we are writers and radio performers. Pretty kewl. This differs from real life where we pretend we are professional baseball players, Jedi Knights, and that we are actually going to ask out that girl we've had a crush on for a year. Pretending is pretty awesome.

Ok let's take a break and have a quick cycle down Wethersfield Ave.

Now it's time for this post to go really downhill. 

Facebook agrees with the popular opinion of the day against banks and their lack of feelings.

This is how to party in Hartford.

What's interesting about this breakdown of how people get to Sad City? Nothing until you get abut halfway down the "Search Terms" and see that one reader reached us by searching "Family Reunion Porn." Now we know that the main function of the internet is to provide porn to many, many people. We also know that as people come in all different tastes and flavors, so does porn. Sad City isn't one to judge. But "Family Reunion Porn?" What does that even mean? We might not want to meet this reader,  but we do hope he continues reading. And yes, we are assuming this is a male.

While we do get older, it's clear that we do not grow up.

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