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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

While You Opt-Out, Sad City Opts-In

The Hartford Advocate and Brianna Snyder enlighten us about our rights in regards to airport body scanners and the option to instead opted for an enhanced pat-down instead of the body scan. All that is well and good, but Sad City chooses to look at the airport body scanner in another light.

For Sad City, the airport body scanner represents an opportunity to appeal to the basest of our needs; vanity. The full body airport scanner gives us a glimmer of hope at getting some validation in our appearance.  Instead of wondering whether the the airport scanner is intruding upon our rights, we like to think of it as the travel version of "Hot or Not?".   Airports, once mundane, are now the site of airport security's version of appearance based Darwinism.

We never miss a chance to appeal to our vanity. Sad City opts in!

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  1. Well done! Jeremy Rich, once of Windsor, CT