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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Insert Uplifting Holiday Story Here

On holidays it is important for media outlets to run uplifting stories. Usually these stories involve a community getting together to help a lower income family after some sort of disaster has hit the family. Why these stories are always much more prominent on a holiday we aren't exactly sure, but Josh Kovner of the Hartford Courant brings us our uplifting story today.

How nice. Then while reading the story, we realized we were actually on the scene of the fire at Benton Street a couple weeks ago. While taking a nice Saturday drive through the city we noticed a road closed and decided to check it out and found ourselves on the scene.

For some reason a fire hydrant is fascinating to look at. It combined with the bright sun that day made us believe it was still summer until we got wet walking through the water spray and were cold for the next hour. 

Sad City wishes this family and all other Hartford residents well during the holidays. What are we thankful for this Thanksgiving? 

How about the impending return of Sad City legend Chuckles from state vacation?

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