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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Hypnotic Al Terzi Video

Earlier this afternoon, while researching an upcoming story on our favorite news cyborg, we stumbled on this mesmerizing gem. It's a weird photo montage of Al Terzi and Michael Terzi, who we assume is Al's late son. It's set to a weird royalty-free music track and features the most interesting use of video transitions this side of the star wipe.

We tried to do some digging to determine the origins, but all we found were dead ends. The URL at the end of the video is a dead link. Google was unable to translate the text posted with the video. All of the other clips are just as nonsensical. Our only theory is that "bajykulew" is a robot trying to leverage search traffic for Al Terzi, because we all know that EVERYONE runs searches on Al Terzi.

If anyone can figure this one out, please clue us in.


  1. Al Terzi. Now there is a name that I haven't thought about for a while. Is he still on television? I can't wait for this mystery to be solved. Thanks for sharing, I think :p

  2. WOW ... the TERZI family should leave their selfishness at the door and have more respect for Micheal and his late wife and children.(how are THEY doing, we never hear about them) How sad that certain people always have to have the spotlight on them; even in time of tragedy.