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Monday, November 1, 2010

Election Day News: Sad City to visit Colin McEnroe on WNPR

Fresh off the heels of Halloween, tomorrow November 2nd, is Election Day. It's your day to have a say in who will be representing the State so make sure to get out and vote. Can the wrestling CEO deliver the "Stone Cold Stunner"  to the long-tenured AG? Will third-party Congressional candidates make a meaningful impact? The race for Governor looks like a dead heat.

Also tomorrow be sure to tune into the Colin McEnroe Show on WNPR from 1 to 2PM as Hakaan Loob from Sad City Hartford makes his second appearance on the show. You can hear the show at 90.5 on the FM dial in Hartford or listen to it live online here.

What better way to get over the candy induced guilt from the previous weekend than to get out there and vote and then tuning into WNPR for some enlightening election day discussion?

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